GANA Machinery Co., Ltd. has maked and sold only rebar processing machines for 20years
The Fourth Cutting and Bending of ReBar Revolution, GANA Machinery Co., Ltd. are going to with you.


  • Welding speed is fast by adopting the SPOT automatic welding method.
  • The pitch height can be adjusted within the machinable range.
  • Data entry and automatic control by touch panel
  • There is little loss by using of coil rebar.
  • It is prefabrication facility living up to the advanced construction.
  • Minimized failure rate with continuous improvement and update.
SJL300T-10/SJL320T-36 Specification
Division SJL300T-10 SJL320T-36
Longitudinal wire diameter(upper) 6.0~12.0mm 6.0~12.0mm
Longitudinal wire diameter(lower) 6.0~12.0mm 6.0~12.0mm
Diagonal wire diameter 4.0~7.0mm 4.0~7.0mm
Girder height 70~280mm 70~300mm
Girder internal base width 70~90mm 70~90mm
Step/Stroke 195~205mm 400mm
Diagonal spacing 200mm 200mm
Girder length 2.0~14.0m 2.0~14.0m
Production rate 10m/min 36m/min
Installed power(Welding) 250KVA 640KVA
Installed power(Others) 36kW 35kW