GANA Machinery Co., Ltd. has maked and sold only rebar processing machines for 20years
The Fourth Cutting and Bending of ReBar Revolution, GANA Machinery Co., Ltd. are going to with you.


  • It has automatic cutting system by CNC control.
  • Straightness is good due to straightening by rotor.
  • Data entry and automatic control by touch panel
  • It is advantageous for small amount of and various kinds of components processing.
  • By using an alignment spring, the end is automatically aligned.
  • Minimized failure rate with continuous improvement and update.
GT8-14A/C Specification
Division GTB-14A GTB-14C
Processing capacity 8~14mm 8~14mm
Feeding speed Max.130m/min Max.130m/min
Straightening system Rotor type Rotor type
Cutting system Servo-motor Flying shears
Cutting length 1,500~12,000mm 1,500~12,000mm
Lengh setup CNC CNC
Straightness tolerance 2mm/m 2mm/m
Lengh tolerance ±2mm ±5mm
Installed power 76.4kW 72kW