GANA Machinery Co., Ltd. has maked and sold only rebar processing machines for 20years
The Fourth Cutting and Bending of ReBar Revolution, GANA Machinery Co., Ltd. are going to with you.

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Our rebar processing industry has grown dramatically over the past decade.

However, in recent years, there’s a lot of competition in the steel processing plants for low-price orders due to the reduction of large-scale national projects and the general construction depression.

In addition, difficulties in supplying human resources, deterioration equipment, and the appearance of S600 high strength rebar are expected to aggravate further the financial difficulties.

Therefore, our Gana machines accelerate its pace in new product development by continuous interchanging technique and collaborating with Japan and China. Also we are working hard to acquire greater skills than other companies.

We also pledge to do our best to provide differentiated services through the network of warranty service centers located in Busan and Asan.

Gana machine CEO Jung Chun-ho