GANA Machinery Co., Ltd. has maked and sold only rebar processing machines for 20years
The Fourth Cutting and Bending of ReBar Revolution, GANA Machinery Co., Ltd. are going to with you.


  • It upgrades power and performance after the first development in 1995.
  • It is using for HD10-HD32.
  • It is using for complex processing such as a bridge construction, big engineering work.
  • It has a foot switch which makes operation easy.
  • It doesn't have small failure due to high performance and know-how skills.
GUB-HD32 Specification
Model Bending capacity Power consumption Voltage Dimension(mm) Bending speed Hydraulic tank Weight
GUB-32 ~D32mm 7.5+2.2kW 380V/60Hz/3phase 1,230 800 878 360° 70L 1,000kg
Bending range
GUB-HD32 Bending range
U-Bar O-Ring Big R
Minimum D300mm Minimum D300mm Minimum R300mm
Maximum D Infinity Maximum D6,000mm Maximum R900mm